Warning After Puppy Almost Dies After Eating Washing Capsule

Warning After Puppy Almost Dies After Eating Washing Capsule

Angel, the Jack Russell puppy, with Minster Veterinary Practice senior practice nurse Tracey Pulleyn and owner Clare Holtby-Grey.

A YORK veterinary practice is warning dog owners to keep washing capsules out of reach of pets after a mischievous puppy was left fighting for life.

Angel, a 19-week-old Jack Russell, was left seriously ill after biting into a liquid washing capsule after the box containing the products was left unopened on the floor.

The much-loved pet spent five days at The Minster Veterinary Practice in Salisbury Road after being rushed to the hospital by worried owner Clare Holtby-Grey.

She was
vomiting, coughing and sneezing with bubbles coming down her nose, while there
were also fears that it could lead to a life-threatening pneumonia. She was
given medication, comprising of anti-vomiting drugs, medication to stop the
foaming, pain relief and antibiotics. The tiny pup then had to stay at the
veterinary hospital for ongoing treatment and observation.

Thanks to the care
and skills of vets and nurses, Angel has made a full recovery and returned to
the practice this week so her owner could thank the veterinary team that saved
her life.

“Having a puppy is like having a toddler who is starting to crawl and you have to watch everything they do.”

Clare and vet Ruth
Stevens, who helped to treat Angel, are both warning owners about the danger of
washing capsules and urging them to keep the products well away from pets.
Within just weeks, the practice saw another case of a dog suspected of biting
into a washing tablet but it, too, made a full recovery.

Clare, who lives in
York city centre, said: “It all happened in a split-second as the pot of
washing capsules was momentarily on the floor without the lid on while the
washing machine was being loaded.

“Angel is so playful
and curious so she grabbed one before I could stop her and it burst in her mouth.
We quickly washed her skin and mouth as we knew it was dangerous. She was
constantly vomiting.

“This could happen to
anyone so I would urge all owners to be cautious as it is not just babies and
children the should be kept hidden away from.”

Vet Ruth Stevens, from Minster Vets, said: “Because the washing capsules
contain a foaming agent, there was a real danger of bubbles being breathed
into her lungs, which could have caused a serious pneumonia. If that
happens, it is extremely dangerous and in a tiny puppy could easily be

“Our advice is that,
as you would with babies and children, make sure these washing capsules are
stored in cupboards that aren’t at floor level. Be extra vigilant if washing
machines doors are open with access to the washing capsules while washing is
being put into the machine.”

Ruth added: “If owners think their cat or dog may
have bitten into or swallowed a washing capsules, then like Clare with Angel, it is important to wash off any
detergent from around with mouth and on the fur, and to contact their vets
immediately. Irritation to the mouth, tongue and throat can lead to breathing

The drama happened at
the end of December and Angel has only just fully recovered.

Clare said: “I don’t
want this to happen to anyone else as it could have been so serious. I was
heartbroken having to leave her at the vets and wondering if I was ever going
to see her again.

“Everyone at Minster
was amazing and she is alive because of them. As she has spent time in
hospital, she’s a little vulnerable and clinging to me but she’s putting weigh
on and growing now.

“Having a puppy is
like having a toddler who is starting to crawl and you have to watch everything
they do.”

Beth Sanders

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