Vivamune Daily Dog Vitamins for Joint, Skin, and Digestive Health

Vivamune Daily Dog Vitamins for Joint, Skin, and Digestive Health

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As Shiner continues to age, I look for supplements that can aid her health. Particularly to help with her skin and joints. One product that I’ve found that helps her in several areas of her health is Vivamune.

Vivamune is a daily vitamin for dogs that promotes healthy joints, skin, and digestive health. It is the only supplement for dogs that contains the OxC-beta Complex.

What is Vivamune’s OxC-beta Complex?

Many of you are likely familiar with beta-carotene. It’s the molecule that is known for making carrots orange. When beta-carotene is allowed to fully oxidize, it breaks down into a complex mixture of molecules that produce many beneficial health effects. Vivamune calls this complex mix of oxidized carotenoid derivatives OxC-beta™ Technology (“OxC-beta”).

The OxC-beta Complex is unique and very different from Vitamin A. It helps to boost a dog’s immune system so that the body is better prepared to fight off foreign attackers such as viruses, bacteria, and other harmful substances. This means a dog’s body is using less energy fighting off the bad guys and ensures that the body can use more energy to keep other things running at optimum levels. 

Vivamune Daily Dog Vitamins for Senior Dog Health

Shiner began taking Vivamune a few months ago and I am happy with the results I’ve seen. I like the convenience of having one supplement to help her with both her skin and joints. I give her Vivamune once a day and she loves it! They smell good, or at least I think they’d smell good to a dog anyways. 

About the time that Shiner started taking Vivamune, she acquired a hot spot as she sometimes does. Of course, she experienced some hair loss at the site as you can see in the photo below. 

I was hopeful that Vivamune would help her with the healing process and help to prevent future skin problems. The results? So far, so good. Shiner’s fur grew back nicely and she hasn’t had any new hot spots or areas of hair loss since she’s been taking Vivamune. 

I also like that Vivamune is good for her joints, digestive health, and immune system. With a senior dog, these are all things I watch closely. While Vivamune is beneficial to dogs of all breeds and ages, it is particularly recommended for older dogs to support a healthy immune system.

For convenience, Vivamune offers a Monthly Chew Club that allows you to receive automatic monthly or bi-monthly shipments and save 15% on your order. Vivamune also offers a 100% satisfaction with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try! 

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