The Street That Changed that our Minds About Streets

Full width featured post generally considered the most beautiful post in the Caribbean, Cartagena in Colombia grew unimaginably wealthy.

Full width included article generally thought to be the most beautiful pole from the Caribbean, Cartagena in Colombia grew hugely affluent as the interface by the looted gold of this new universe sailed eastwards into Imperial Spain.

Turns out we now have, together with the likes of Sir Francis Drake (one person’s privateer is just another guy’s pirate) plundering town as far back as 1586. In following decades, especially people of the late 20th Century, Colombia was well known for different exports: hills of cocaine, left-wing guerrilla ideology and “magic realism” in the pencil of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Remember constantly that when you’re visiting the world, the entire world will see you.

These youth friends have overcome some severe drawbacks — guitarist and vocalist Adam Haworth Stephens wasn’t one but two road mishaps annually — this new record’s a small boon. With friend Tyson Vogel, he surely seems glad to be living to a boisterous folk-rock record which reveals two mild-looking guys can, such as The Black Keys, create a hell of a sound.

The Bloom and The Blight
Two Gallants

Why currently?

July sees concerts on the shores and events at the bullring and more excuses to party due to this Summer Festival. Alternatively, that the literary/arty Hay Festival Cartagena p Indias rolls into town each January. Wales or Colombia, Wales or Colombia? ) The sound smacks of this KoL’s new macho depression, while Brown’s voice adds a rockabilly twang.

For all her outstanding talent and work ethic, Bly’s look was unremarkable — a fact which shouldn’t issue, but one which could be remarked upon by her critics and commentators, something we have made sad little advancement on in talking women’s professional, intellectual, and creative merit over a century later.

Johnny Dooley

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