Mavely Aims to support women owned businesses and responsible retailer

Spotlight: Mavely Helps You Shop to Get a New eCommerce Experience

The company intends to encourage women owned businesses and accountable merchant through its curated purchasing experience.

Influencer marketing and social websites have completely changed how that people shop online. But a lot of these eperiences continue to be hosted across different platforms. Instead of the traditional encounter, Mavely needs to make something brand new. Learn more about the business’s mission in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What that the Business Does

Provides a stage for influence and shopping.

Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer Peggy O’Flaherty advised Small Business Trends,”Mavely is a brand new way to store direct-to-consumer brands which make life a wee little more joyful. By focusing on brands which are female-founded and accountable, Mavely closely curates a shopping experience unlike any other.

“When shopping on Mavely app, you earn back on every purchase you make. Recommend products into the activity feed and see what your friends are actually shopping for. When you share & invite friends to shop, you BOTH earn back together. The goal? Earn back on your influence, authentically recommend products, and drive the discovery of innovative brands.”

Business Niche

Providing a well rounded experience.

Instead of supplying yet another cash back or influencer platform, Mavely targets interactions that are genuine. Because the group is indeed passionate about assisting women owned and accountable brands, the neighborhood provides a whole lot of special features to help individuals return.

O’Flaherty states, “We allow for individuals who earn on their shopping and on their authentic sharing. We have a community of women who are giving that extra earning back to their favorite charity.”

How that the Business Got Started

To lift women owned businesses.

O’Flaherty had already begun several other tiny businesses over time. After staying home for a long time to raise her kids, she felt called to begin another venture which encouraged female entrepreneurs.

She adds,”[I] desired to make an authentic adventure of sharing and shopping to encourage the girls around us”

Biggest Win

Getting some early media.

O’Flaherty describes, “Immediately 12 new investors came to the table, intrigued and eager to further our mission and product. Helping brands acquire customers at a lower cost, while helping women discover, cool new brands is our perfect marketplace.”

Biggest Risk

Changing the business version.

Originally, the company started with a multi level marketing supply business design. That contributed to plenty of early expansion. However, the group believed it did not match with their final assignment long term. So they chose to change their version, though it meant a few stagnation for a brief period.

O’Flaherty states, “The biggest risk was a short period where our growth plateaued and even fell back in user base. Then when we found a better financial model, brand message and product the growth turned into a positive direction.”

How They Got Their Name

After several alterations.

O’Flaherty describes, “Originally we were Million Moms, MyFavorite Things and now Mavely. Our community is filled with Maven, women who are knows for something unique in their circle of friends and followers.”

How They’d Spend that an Extra $100,000

Rewarding girls )

O’Flaherty adds, “We would create a scholarship / grant for women business owners, who are starting up and looking for national distribution through Mavely platform.”

Favorite Quote

“Lean teams who listen to their customers and pivot quickly grow the fastest.” -Tim Connors.

* * * *

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Image: Mavely; Top Image: Evan Wray, CEO and Co-Founder; Peggy O’Flaherty, Chief Community Officer and Co-Founder; Sean O’Brien, CTO, COO and Co-creator

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