Mission into The Edge of Space

How does it feel to jump from 21,800 metres? Ask Felix Baumgartner.

How does it feel to leap from 21,800 meters? ) Ask Felix Baumgartner.  This comes from Red Bull, since the company offered in 2011 while 11.4 percentage more doses, but of those 4. 25 billion euro annual turnover over half (2.3 billion) in Austria is created.  Outside the nation, the Group still has lots of space for advancement.

The Austrians broke through the first person to break the sound barrier in free fall.  Although the job originally was under an unlucky star, Baumgartner similarly made just one year ago after a few efforts from the town of New Mexico at Roswell.

I desired to start the parachute after looking for a little while but I noticed I was still in an altitude of 50,000 ft )

Red Bull moves in measurements which are usually only attained the Olympic Games or World Cup Soccer Championships.  The 50 million euro (15 million euro sum to the costs for the group 35 million people for the gear ), which may cost the lifetime dream of Felix Baumgartner Salzburg, are a trifle in comparison to the advertising value that’s generated from the media focus.

Passion is priceless

May state that Felix Baumgartner, adventure and fire don’t have any cost in the surface of those numbers isn’t surprising.  Red Bull looks for his unique athlete and that he’s refused to increase when the motto “Welcome to my world – the world of Red Bull” recite.  We will see Fuschl much behind if Baumgartner was the interest of the world on the sweet juice in your silver-blue box.


Was calculated changed to 1.8 billion TV sets along with a billion links into the live broadcast on the Internet.  Last comparisons were attracted to the New Year’s Concert of those Philharmonic, that functions as a provincial occasion within the Stratos project.  The advertising worth of this New Year’s Concert is projected in a variety of 150 million to 450 million euros households.  Extrapolated into the Stratos are over eight billion euros.

Three world records

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, that cares for the record of information records from the aviation world, recognized together with the leap to three world records. Baumgartner attained the highest rate of Mach 1. ) 25 or just 1357.6 hours km, the maximum leap at 38969. 40 yards and the maximum free fall, using a span of 36402.6 meters) Only a teddy bear outplayed at August using a “Spung” 39 km from the listing of Baumgartner.

After that the Stratos job, the today 44-year old Baumgartner announced plans to return to professional sports and the trunk to develop as a rescue helicopter pilot a fresh foothold.

Beth Sanders

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