Literal Cigarette Lighter: Ready, Aim, Fire!

I never smoke, nor do I advocate filling your lungs with smoke and pitch. But in case you need to reach to get a cigarette, let it be this one. This whimsical milder is constructed to look exactly like a cigarette, however, you may use it to perform more healthy things like light candles, or starting a campfire.

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It’s refillable with butane, also made to fit into cigarette packs too. I guess you can fill your whole carton with them, and you also won’t need to worry about contracting lung cancer some more.  Just really do not check out and find a puff on one unless of course that you would like to burn off your lips.

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So movie your Bic on in surplus of to Brando, the location you’re able to grab a literal cigarette lighter for only $15(USD).

Henry Mitchell

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