How Much Does It Cost To Live In Tokyo?

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Tokyo? )

Tokyo is an always-blossoming destination

The people is growing because of their advanced technology and opportunities. While it is full of technological advancements, it is also a style forward city. Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world Earth.

How mad is that?!


Monthly Housing and Utilities

There are lots of things to take into consideration when considering the costs to month. With leasing being your number one priority, falling short behind are utilities, supermarkets, transport and washing clothing.

For monthly lease in an apartment which is 900 sq. feet in the center of Tokyo, it’s more than ¥280,000, that equates to $2,300 USD per month. ) But that is not at a inexpensive location. This is if you would like to reside at the middle of town where most of the action occurs. But having a costly flat in this way a month, surprisingly, utilities are not too significant. For two individuals to reside in said flat, it is going to be approximately $111. 00 USD in utilities each month. That comes to over ¥13,000. You’re paying mainly because of the place.



For Internet, it’s approximately 3600 Yen per month, which equates to $22 USD.  For that good 40″ flat display, which will run you around $600 USD to buy, that comes to approximately 72,000 Yen.  

To purchase your flat’s very first microwave, it is going to cost you approximately 24,000 Yen or $210 USD.  For two tickets into this magnificent new action film you have been needing to see, it is going to be about 3500 Yen or $30 USD.  You could watch a picture from house Netflix to conserve cash however, you might want to unblock it because of geographical constraints.

But in case you’re trying to find a drink, the purchase price will be different on which you buy and where.

  • A beer on your neighborhood:  ¥618 or $5. 23
  • A cocktail in a bar in town: ¥1,300 or $11. 00
  • Coffee, latte or cappuccino at town: ¥480 or $4. 00



For gasoline, it is going to cost you roughly 628 Yen to get a gallon of gasoline, that is the equivalent of 5. 30. But to get a monthly, unlimited bus pass Tokyo, you will pay around 12,000 Yen or $102 USD. With the public transport system moving to so many areas within the region, the bus pass is a steal if you do not have sufficient money to get a vehicle monthly!



As that you are able to see, it might not be as large monthly as New York City or Los Angeles, but proceeding to Tokyo might require some preparation regardless of what portion of earth you’re coming from. It can be a simple transition or a very hard one but knowing the typical costs before hand for specific places will help you tremendously.



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