How Much Do Dogs Sleep? Does My Puppy Sleep Too Much?

Something you rapidly discover if you’re the proprietor or caregiver of a wide range of animals is all of them have their very own sleep patterns, preferences and routines. 

Our chinchilla typically chooses to sleep throughout the morning and all through a few of the evening, however he’s playful within the afternoon. Our cats sleep for about two-thirds of the day, and though they cuddle with us or play with us on some days greater than others, they usually observe the identical routine.

Our Betta Fish even had their very own obscure sleeping schedule, so it’s not out of the query to imagine that canines have their very own sort of sleep schedule.

Knowing an animal’s sleeping schedule is important, primarily as a result of modifications in a canine’s routine can signify that one thing is improper.

Similar to people, the quantity of sleep a canine requires will differ primarily based on components comparable to age, breed, dimension, and exercise degree. Due to the variety of variables, you may wish to examine ask your vet for some assist understanding, although holding a watch out in your canine and their behaviour offers you a good suggestion as to the place their well being is at.

A change within the size of sleep a canine wants might be the primary indicator that one thing is improper or that your canine is feeling off, so by no means hesitate to present your vet a name if you happen to discover any sleeping modifications.

So let’s break down a few of the completely different components that may affect your canine’s sleeping patterns and the way these components might straight have an effect on your canine.


Although, as talked about, a canine’s want for sleep will depend upon a wide range of components, the typical canine will sleep for about half of their day.

Note that though a canine will sleep for about 50% of the day, a canine will nonetheless spend as much as 30% of the day being lazy or lying around the house whereas solely being lively for about 20%. An grownup canine might sleep or stay comparatively inactive for 12-14 hours a day on average.

As a canine ages, the canine might require extra sleep than they did whereas they had been a couple of years prior. A senior canine’s sleeping habits sit nearer to a pet’s, though vitality at this age extremely is dependent upon the general well being 

Dogs who expend a constant and common quantity of vitality or are affected by extreme or extreme medical circumstances might require as much as 20-hours of sleep a day. 

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Large breed canines will usually want extra sleep than small breed canines merely primarily based on the truth that giant breed canines are usually extra lively and enormous breeds need to develop extra.


Yes, identical to cats and people, canines will expertise speedy eye motion when they’re in a deep sleep state.

Rapid Eye Movement often happens for a canine about 10 minutes into their deep sleep, although this will depend upon the canine’s environment.

Dogs are comparatively gentle sleepers and will bounce on the sound of one thing shifting or might get up abruptly, seemingly for no motive. In actuality, a canine will solely spend 10 p.c of their time sleeping.

A pet father or mother will be capable to inform whether or not their canine is experiencing REM sleep by checking their canine’s eyes for any motion. Eyes might seem to shift forwards and backwards at a fast tempo whereas the canine’s eyelids stay shut.


While it may be regarding when your canine strikes or shakes of their sleep, it’s not all the time a priority.

Although we’re not solely positive what canines dream about, vets are particular person canines do dream, much like cats. Vets are additionally assured that generally canines’ goals are extremely vivid, inflicting the canine to behave out their dream or react with small motions.

If ever you discover your canine excessively shifting of their sleep or are involved that the quantity of motion/sort of motion your canine engages in whereas sleeping, it’s strongly advisable that you simply seek the advice of a vet.

In some instances, motion in a canine’s sleep could be a signal of an issue within the mind, comparable to a tumour or one other type of injury. Brain circumstances may end up in seizures and are extra widespread for some breeds of canines. Unfortunately, in instances the place a mind situation is concerned, a pet father or mother might need to act rapidly to aide the issue, or it can progress quickly.

It is all the time a good suggestion to maintain a log or a journal of your canine’s sleep habits, particularly if irregularities or modifications are latest.

Keeping a operating report is a superb follow and might typically come in useful when making an attempt to remember occasions to a vet.

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It might be regarding if you discover that your canine is sleeping greater than regular. If ever you discover your canine is sleeping or being inactive for 15 or extra hours, just be sure you contact the vet for a checkup.


It’s surprising how necessary weight-reduction plan is in each dwelling being’s life. Just like people, canines require a particular weight-reduction plan to get all the vitamins they should reside healthily and survive.

When fed lower-quality diets, canines might expertise problem correctly digesting the elements inflicting them to want further sleep.

Think about occasions you ate numerous pizza or dense starch meals; you most likely felt exhausted after, proper? The similar might be stated about your canine after they eat meals with fillers comparable to wheat. 

Now, does this imply that your canine has to eat the costliest meals? No. Good high quality meals don’t must be pricey, and sometimes your vet could have a couple of manufacturers of meals to suggest that received’t break your pockets.

I might additionally be sure to’re doing a little bit of studying up on the meals you might be pondering of feeding your canine. Chances are somebody has written about their experiences on their meals or has some perception on whether or not a meals has been recognized to create torpid canines.


Dogs, much like you and me, can expertise stress.

Stress inducers can embrace however will not be restricted to different animals within the family, a change in furnishings placement, the absence of an proprietor, a sudden change within the atmosphere or meals, or fixed noise. 

It’s necessary to keep in mind that canines can hear higher than we do and at a lot greater frequencies. So, you might discover your canine wanting round for an inaudible noise, or they might bark seemingly at nothing.

Dogs who expertise a better quantity of stress could also be seen making an attempt to sleep extra consequently.


Summer months might be fairly detrimental to canines, particularly when they’re taking part in outside.

Always just be sure you hold a really shut eye in your canine to be sure that they’re getting sufficient water, shade and probably a cool space to sleep on.

In summer season months, canines are inclined to favor flooring like tile as they continue to be cooler than carpet and hardwood. If you shouldn’t have entry to a cool flooring, I might strongly suggest grabbing your self a cooling mat.

Do not give your canine ice cubes in the summertime, particularly if they’re experiencing excessive heat-related issues. Ice in conditions the place a canine is overheating might be life-threatening, and as a substitute, a vet ought to be contacted for IV fluids and additional remedy.

Dehydration can be brought on by non-heat associated causes comparable to vomiting, diarrhea, extreme drooling or extreme panting. In all conditions, it’s strongly advisable that you simply monitor your canine for any modifications in behaviour, and if any of the circumstances final quite a lot of hours, contact your vet instantly.

In delicate instances, vomiting and diarrhea ought to clear up by itself, but when left untreated, the situation might turn into continual.

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Dogs are vulnerable to a collection of well being circumstances that may trigger them to turn into torpid or would require them to get extra sleep.

Some of those circumstances can embrace kidney/renal failure, diabetes, Lyme illness, despair hyperthyroidism, and arthritis.

Although senior canines usually tend to expertise long-term well being issues, some breeds usually tend to undergo illnesses comparable to diabetes.

It’s a good suggestion to ask your vet about potential well being dangers your canine can have primarily based on their breed. Asking a vet may also help you resolve what meals is the very best to feed your canine and can show you how to decern whether or not or not you must change points of your canine’s life, comparable to train. 

Lack of train may also add to the lethargy inflicting a canine to turn into depressed and total inactive.

Make positive that you’re often taking your canine out for walks and that you simply embrace part of the day the place your canine can run round and tire themselves out. Dogs who get much less train not solely act extra slothlike, however additionally they are inclined to have a better probability of creating long-term well being issues.


Chances are in case your canine is sleeping between 12-14 hours, the whole lot is A-Okay with their well being; nonetheless, if there are ever any possibilities along with your canine’s behaviour, hold a really shut eye in your canine.

If the necessity for further sleep comes from an underlying well being situation, there’s a probability that the scenario will quickly worsen. In many instances, with a weight-reduction plan change and assist from the vet, a longterm well being situation might be prevented if not stored in examine.

If ever your canine’s sleeping patterns change out of the blue, all the time attempt to examine what modifications might have not too long ago occurred in your canine’s life to make them require extra sleep. In all instances the place you might be not sure, be sure to seek the advice of your vet as being protected is a lot better than being sorry.

So pet mother and father, I’m curious, how lengthy do your little ones sleep? Have you ever had any involved concerning the quantity they sleep? Let me know within the feedback beneath!

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