Happy 10th Birthday Chuy

Happy 10th Birthday, Chuy!

Wow. Not even certain how to start this post. It’s so cliché to state what I am going to say but I digress.  I seriously cannot think Chuy is ten years old. Like, where did the time go? I hate saying that although I seriously cannot wrap my head about how it’s been ten decades already.

Ten years because that one pound small adorable puppy came home together.

Part of me seems unbelievably blessed to observe this tenth birthday Chuy. The additional part of me? Well, that component is sort of in denial.

See, the elderly dogs get…well, you already know what happens and that I refuse to speak about that in this informative article!

From the second, I attracted Chuy house at 6 months old, he instructed me to reside at the present time. I was constantly hurrying away my life; alive for the weekend. Not appreciating the mundane daily stuff. I sometimes find myself becoming incredibly annoyed in the mundane and I have to remind myself to snap out of it.

It’s those “little” items which are in reality the huge ones. When we return to our life together with our pets these are what we will miss the most.

Every day, I’m SO thankful for Chuy. I actually spend time with Chuy than anyone else in my entire life…like my daughter and husband! Chuy is always right by my side regardless of what I am doing. He is just like a shadow and that I joke about that but I love it.


Chuy does not look to be a ten year old Chihuahua to me personally. He’s still full of energy, loves to play, loves to go on adventures, and is constantly down to Netflix and Chill (at the absolute literal sense!) . Sure, he does not have the insane energy of a pup. Then again, I do not possess the energy of my 23 year old self which could thrive from less than 4 hours of sleep per night. Not nowadays! He remains Chuy, using a few more gray hairs.

We ALWAYS celebrate Chuy’s birthday. This year, we purchased his dog cake cake out of My Best Friends Cupcakes again like last year. They do such a fantastic job with their dog cakes AND they deliver directly to your property. I can’t tell you how valuable that’s when it is HOT AF and you’ve got a two year in tow.

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All I desired was one adorable pic with Chuy posing alongside his cake. Well, that is not gont occur with this particular food loving dog! This is equally as good as it gets, y’all!

Chuy Chihuahua 10th Birthday (6)

I obtained Chuy a little birthday cake and allow him to go to town licking the icing (that can be yogurt). No, I did not let him eat the entire cake at the same time!

Chuy Chihuahua 10th Birthday (4)

After I cut a bit . The taste of this cake has been peanut butter banana. He scarfed that down so quickly that I could hardly get any great pics!

Chuy Chihuahua 10th Birthday (3)

Chuy Chihuahua 10th Birthday (5)

Happy 10th Birthday, Chuy! We adore you much.

Chuy Chihuahua 10th Birthday (2)

Happy Birthday, Chuy Over that the Years!

We’ve been blogging nearly provided that Chuy was with us. Here is a record of his birthday parties.

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