Guy Goes Nuts In Theater After Somebody Checks Their Phone During Opening Of New Star Wars

Guy Goes Nuts In Theater After Somebody Checks Their Phone During Opening Of New Star Wars

This is a video by a Vancouver, Canada film theater of a man with a meltdown following somebody assessed their phone through the opening of their new Star Wars film. Admittedly, can you call yourself a Star Wars enthusiast if you would not have done exactly the exact same thing? Per the individual who listed the episode:

“This dude lost it when someone checked their phone screen during the opening of Star Wars. The theatre was forced to restart the movie.”

I, uh, I really don’t know what to say. On one hand you definitely should not use your phone in the movie theater (which individual should have been kicked out as they warn throughout the previews in my local theatre ), but alternatively, this guy should have only Force-choked that nerd out and resumed seeing. Instead he has booted in the theater. Honesty, I only wish I had been passionate about anything because this guy is all about movie theater manners. I’d be quite so very good in my own hobbies.

Keep heading to your video while I encourage this man to observe that Sonic that the Hedgehog picture with me then attempt to speak through the entire thing.

Thanks to hairless and DT, that agrees sometimes you only need to reverse a bucket of popcorn and also commence a few fisticuffs.

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