Dear 2020 – A Letter Full Of Hope For the New Year

Dear 2020 — A Letter Full Of Hope For That the New Year

Dear 2020…

2019 was just amazing, and I can not wait to find out what another year has in store. Looking back on the memories I made this season together with all the people I adore, makes my heart sing. I’m loved, I feel content, I’m thankful and I feel encouraged as I step out of one decade into the following. From one chance to another, one adventure to another, one barrier to another. I understand there will be ups and downs in store, life isn’t linear however I’m optimistic that the great will continue to outweigh the bad. I expect you’ll be full of much more firsts, with chances to assist others, together with space to grow and become a better version of myself and together with the capability to be around if my nearest ones want me. I am hoping that as most people browse the next calendar year, we are still current, be thankful and be filled with joy when it is most needed. I expect that if it feels like there may be no expectation in any respect, that there will be a little sun that reveals the way for people who want it. I am hoping we do not put too much stress on ourselves, we take some opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments and that we place our health and enjoyment . 

I expect you’ll be equally as amazing as the past,

Victoria x

Sara Lassiter

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