Comparium: Reliable & Fast Cross-Browser Web Testing App

Comparium: Reliable & Fast Cross-Browser Web Testing App

Have you noticed your site behaves differently on various platforms? Or, would you frequently get customer responses mentioning your site isn’t functioning on “Safari” but is operating flawlessly on “Google Chrome”? This is where cross-browser testing enters the picture. It involves validating the compatibility of a website/application across distinct browsers.

The incompatibility is viewed because every browser has been coded differently and therefore they have another way of distributing the information within a site. Thus, some plugins might not include the crucial features in addition to that your site is assembled, thus making your site appear to be a busted link.

The next issue is, how do you identify exactly what all browsers are encouraging your site fully? You can discover all such compatibility replies with Comparium.

Comparium is a potent assistant that can help you test your site’s performance on several browsers, browsers, and browser variations. This may save time, as, by utilizing Comparium that you can get rid of the attempt of analyzing various browser- operating-system combinations manually.

Key Features

Receive distinct browser service and their variations

The very first variant of Comparium is adaptable to encourage browser testing on various browsers and operating systems. Visual compatibility testing can be carried out at Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, also Safari 11.0.

Receive browser assistance from various programs

Comparium isn’t confined to any particular browser or platform. It supports cross-browser analyzing on popular platforms of Windows 10, Windows 7, Mac OS X Mojave, Linux, and High Sierra.

Obtain an offline record of test results through email

In sequence to bring contributes to an email, all a user has to do is to leave your email ID and URL that must be examined, and remainder is going to be taken care of Comparium. With this attribute you’ll be able to avoid the trouble of sitting in front of your computer and staring at your display to await the outcome, moreover, the outcomes will be shared using the email ID supplied alongside a pair of screenshots.

Road Ahead

The current variant of Comparium supports different programs and browser versions. In another launch, it’s supposed to have added features like support for Selenium scripts and consumer accounts using offline evaluation scheduling. The farther road ahead is intended to supply real-time internet testing through virtual desktop in almost any edition of this browser, support for additional browsers, different plans to pick from (Free, Pro and Enterprise) and accessibility to API.


It is almost always a fantastic practice to confirm your site’s design, take a look at layout hints, compatibility, and wellbeing of site. This could be easily and quickly achieved by Comparium. It is readily available for free but so as to enjoy all of the features, you want to make additional purchases. Its initial version with limited features is already reside, and with forthcoming roll-outs, it’s anticipated to have advanced attributes.

Sara Lassiter

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