Chasing La Playa in Progreso

Chasing La Playa in Progreso

Where we are at: I am recapping my 2019 journeys, that kicked off for this short New Year’s Eve excursion to Mexico.

If there is one thing I am convinced my longterm readers will not be astonished by, it is that there was no way I was going to Mexico rather than getting my buttocks into the shore. The college crew I had been in Merida with packaged up on New Year’s Day and headed outside to Isla Holbox, however I hung back and headed outside to stay with my buddy Rachel, who had lately moved into the outskirts of Merida.

Many of you personally understood Rachel as Hippie in Heels, also so were one of those stunned and heartbroken by her sudden passing this past year. To me, Rachel was a close friend and business confidant, and I find myself struck by the very fact I do not wake up for her lengthy voice notes, I find myself paralyzed when a tune which makes me believe her stems on, nevertheless I find myself really thankful for the memories of the time together, particularly because previous year.

Rachel and her fiance Ben had only spent the holidays hosting household for a very long stretch, but nevertheless they warmly opened their residence Merida for me, insisting I live for as long as I desired. At the time a few days off from home was a stretch for me personally, but the way I wished I might have taken them up on it. It felt really great just to lounge around the house, see Netflix, play their dogs, do face masks, and laugh.

Face Masks

Face Masks

Rachel was, like me, a beach bum. The closest shore to her home on the outskirts north of Merida has been Progreso, and that’s obviously where we made our way. There were naturally beautiful, untouched shores farther afield, she ensured me but that one had shore pubs with sun-loungers and guacamole. Sorted.

Progreso, Mexico Travel Blog Post

Sand in Progreso, Mexico

Boats on the beach in Progreso, Mexico

We drove up and headed directly to El HaGuay Beach Bar, that Rachel reported to be the only marginally Instagram-competent spot within kilometers, ha. Progreso is not any Tulum — it is really mostly a port city, famous for having the longest pier in the world at four mph, with frequent cruise ship dockings. It’s worth checking online to see whether there’ll be some around, and preventing weekends, even in case you’ve got any flexibility in your program. 

Our trip proved to be a peaceful one. We parked it at El HaGuay for hours, differentiating between gossiping in the pool swim-up pub and with heart-to-hearts on the shore. I will recall the discussions we had that afternoon for the remainder of my life.

El HaGuay Beach Bar in Progreso, Mexico

We too, needless to say, cooled off from the sea. While the north west shore of this Yucatan isn’t famous for crystal clear waters how the southern shores of Quintana Roo are — believe Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and those provincial destinations — it had been my first time at the sea in weeks and weeks, and that I could not have been more thankful. 

Boats on the beach in Progreso, Mexico

Window in Progreso, Mexico

Boats on the beach in Progreso, Mexico

Alex in Wanderland in Progreso, Mexico

El HaGuay, Progreso, Mexico

Eventually we have a bit restless and decided to go for a wander across the malecón. The shore of Progreso is strewn with thatch-roof palapas, easy seafood restaurants, and small souvenir stores. I had never been easier to please I was only pleased to roam around in sunlight, spending quality time with a close buddy and snapping photos of what vibrant and adorable.

Beach palapas in Progreso, Mexico

Thatch roof beach bar in Progreso, Mexico

Beach restaurant in Progreso, Mexico

Octopus mural in Progreso, Mexico

Hanging Shells in Progreso, Mexico

Eventually, we managed to drag ourselves out of the shore. We believed driving down to the shore to take in a few of the region’s famous flamingos or pink salt flats — lesser called the pink sands of Las Coloradas, but nevertheless, pink. Rachel had her very own brakes, which made mining simple, but it was not exactly the ideal time of year to find the birds, and that I hadn’t packed my drone, which I understood would have become the perfect approach to catch the salt flats.

Driving to Progreso, Mexico

Progreso, Mexico Travel Blog

Instead, we chose to stick to a puzzle launched on our Google Maps, if we watched a cenote tagged as nearby. Rachel was doubtful — how can there be a cenote so near the coast and to city? Most surrounding Merida have been in rural locations, a massive haul from humankind. 

We chose to investigate, and found ourselves in Reserva Ecologica El Corchito. A exhausted ticket seller clarified that we would need to have a brief included boat ride throughout the bay, in which we would discover a mangrove place house into three spacious cenotes. We shrugged and compensated 35 pesos (less than $2USD) and walked down the pier to our waiting boat.

Boat ride to Reserva Ecologica El Corchito, Progreso, Mexico

When we disembarked from the mangroves we have been greeted with scampering circles of what seemed to be extremely domesticated raccoons and coatis, in addition to some exotic looking critters.

Reserva Ecologica El Corchito, Progreso, Mexico

Reserva Ecologica El Corchito, Progreso, Mexico

 Hammocks at Reserva Ecologica El Corchito, Progreso, Mexico

Cenotes at Reserva Ecologica El Corchito, Progreso, Mexico

We also discovered a lot of different people — largely domestic tourists splashing around with their children, which has been pretty cute to see. That stated, we had been there in the end of the afternoon, and we weren’t mad whenever the crowds thinned hugely in the end, which gave us a time to enjoy the pure splendor of this location on our very own, also.

Reserva Ecologica El Corchito, Progreso, Mexico

Cenotes at Reserva Ecologica El Corchito, Progreso, Mexico

While the open air swimming holes are not exactly what you traditionally think of when you believe “cenote” — that is what I seen earlier in the excursion on another small adventure outdoors Merida — that they were amazing and for the price we paid along with the convenience of this place, nicely worth a trip if you are in Progreso.

Is Progreso itself worth a trip? Personally, I can not fathom a trip to Mexico with no shore day entailed, so for me I say a large fat yes. And while we had been fortunate enough to have our very own ride, it is super easy to achieve by local bus and also organize an inexpensive tour upon arrival also, like these bloggers did.

Cenotes at Reserva Ecologica El Corchito, Progreso, Mexico

Boat Ride to Reserva Ecologica El Corchito, Progreso, Mexico

Merida is surrounded by magnificent cenotes, historical archeological sites, and needless to say, beaches similar to this one inside day excursions’ reach. While I really don’t believe Merida will return as one of my favorite areas in Mexico, I’m truly forever grateful to this trip for numerous reasons — largely due to the people I invested it with. Damn, do I overlook Rachel.

I’m also thankful for the ways that this trip reminds me , also showed me how significant reintroducing traveling in my life was to my own psychological wellbeing. I could no more take the month-long, open-ended biking excursions into the planet’s most exotic destinations such as I had been spoiled by. But possibly I could begin to take spontaneous, brief little adventures to areas which were a tiny bit nearer to home. 

And that idea began to bring me back to life.

My Trip to Merida, Mexico

Next upwards: a wintery week at New York City…

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