Can Cats Eat Eggs? Are Eggs Safe for Cats to Eat?

Can Cats Eat Eggs? Are Eggs Safe for Cats to Eat?

When I used to be rising up I used to be taught that you must have a most of three eggs per week. If you ate greater than Three eggs per week you’ll be prone to excessive ldl cholesterol and that was a particular “must-avoid” in our household. As I grew older and realized extra about food plan and diet, I realized that this “egg fact” was the truth is false.

Now, it’s to not say that my dad and mom have been liars, as a result of the fact is that there was a number of dietary info we didn’t totally perceive within the 90s, however now that extra proof has come out about eggs we all know that eggs are a particularly wholesome meals supply.

These days, eggs are a staple of my food plan and fairly frankly, I eat them day by day. Eggs present us with nice nutrients, together with protein, Vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, D, E, Ok in addition to lecithin. Some eggs are additionally infused with omega-Three fatty acids, that are extraordinarily vital for each people and cats, however does that make eggs a superb snack or common meal for cats?


Yes, cats can eat eggs, nevertheless, as a result of cats are obligate carnivores they can not obtain all of the vitamins that they want from eggs.

If you do select to feed your cat eggs just remember to don’t use any spices or salt and as an alternative feed your cat a plain egg.

As eggs are mostly cooked with oil or butter, it’s vital to solely use small quantities. I might advocate sticking to further virgin olive oil or perhaps a small quantity of butter as they’re the more healthy choices for cats when cooking eggs.

Fun Fact: Wild cats have been recognized to raid nests for eggs.


Yes, eggs might be helpful for cats for the amino acids, taurine and protein inside them. Unfortunately, eggs aren’t as helpful for cats as they’re for people.

The majority of the vitamins cats can obtain from eggs come from the yolk, although cats can eat each the yolk and the egg whites.


No, cats can not and mustn’t ever eat uncooked eggs. Uncooked eggs ought to by no means be eaten by people or cats as many eggs include Salmonella or in some circumstances E. coli.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a number of the methods Salmonella might be averted are by buying solely pasteurized eggs, protecting eggs refrigerated at 40°F (4°C), and all the time cooking eggs to at the very least 160°F (71°C).

Signs of Salmonella poisoning embody diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, fevers, or upset stomachs. If ever you see any of those signs after your cat has eaten eggs ensure to contact your vet instantly to see whether or not or not they require any additional medical help.

In circumstances the place Samonella poisoning is minimal, signs ought to stop inside 30-minutes to an hour. During this time, water ought to all the time be made accessible to the cat and if signs ever worsen don’t wait to take your cat to your common vet or the emergency.

It is essential that you simply regulate your cat for at the very least an hour after poisoning to make sure that they don’t grow to be dehydrated as dehydration might be deadly.

E. coli and Samonella might be extra extreme for elder cats or cats who’ve underlying well being situations.

Raw eggs are additionally no good for cats as a result of they include a protein known as avidin which may bond with the biotin (B7) present in eggs. The concern with avidin is the truth that it causes vitamin B7 to grow to be unabsorbable for cats.

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According to the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), cats can eat crushed eggshells or eggshell powder for the calcium it supplies.

One crushed eggshell can present 800mg of calcium, copper, boron, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, silicon, sulphur and zinc.

If pet dad and mom select to arrange crushed eggshells for his or her cats they need to be certain that the shells are cleaned or boiled with scorching water to scale back the probabilities of spreading E. Coli or Salmonella.

Once the eggshells are dry pet dad and mom can bake the shells at 300°F (~150°C) earlier than crushing them into a really, very wonderful powder. Leaving eggshells uncrushed may cause cats to choke and may even hurt the cat by reducing their mouth or esophagus.

As all the time, please verify along with your vet whether or not or not feeding your cat crushed eggshells is a good suggestion as there could also be a greater complement.


Yes, cats have been recognized to be born with or develop allergy symptoms in the direction of eggs. Eggs are literally recognized to be one of many extra widespread allergy symptoms cats and canine can have, so in case you select to feed your cat eggs ensure to all the time hold a detailed eye on them.

Oftentimes meals allergy symptoms manifest themselves in rashes, lack of hair/whiskers, itchiness which will result in over scratching or pulling out hair, pores and skin infections and even gasoline.

While allergy symptoms aren’t often deadly, they do are inclined to trigger an excessive amount of discomfort for the cat and as talked about could trigger the cat to scratch or hurt themselves, placing them prone to infections from open wounds.

When feeding your cat a brand new meals it’s extremely really useful that you simply communicate to a vet as they can give you options which may be extra helpful or at the very least much less prone to trigger issues.

In common, it’s a good suggestion to just remember to solely feed your cat small quantities of latest meals and monitor them for any adjustments. It could take as much as a month earlier than allergy symptoms start manifesting, particularly relating to pores and skin/fur, although in some circumstances cats will instantly present indicators of allergy symptoms inside the hour.

Similar to E. Coli or Salmonella poisoning a number of the earliest indicators of allergy symptoms might be vomiting, lethargy or diarrhea. It’s vital to notice that allergy symptoms don’t have an effect on all cats in the identical method, that means that some cats shall be affected by a number of signs whereas different cats will solely expertise one.

At the time of posting this text, I have to state that feline meals allergy symptoms aren’t overly widespread, although at the moment there doesn’t appear to be a printed statistic of what that quantity appears like.

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There isn’t a set variety of eggs a cat ought to eat although, in my view, the extra essential piece of knowledge is that eggs alone aren’t thought of a balanced food plan for cats.

If you select to feed your cat eggs they need to all the time be used as a complement, snack or a every now and then deal with. The common rule for dietary supplements, snacks, or treats ought to be a most of 10% of your cat’s day by day caloric consumption. In most circumstances, one egg is an excessive amount of for a cat to eat.

The common cat would require between 150-200 energy a day and one egg alone can present between 80-100 energy, not together with the oil or butter used to prepare dinner it. So, it’s protected to say that you must solely feed your cat a really small sliver of egg except really useful in any other case by a vet.


So whereas eggs are thought of an ideal complement in a cat’s food plan, they don’t seem to be thought of to be a well-balanced meal for cats. Generally, eggs are thought of to be protected for cats to eat when cooked by way of and left unseasoned, although it’s nonetheless extremely really useful that you simply communicate to a vet about feeding your cat eggs.

At the time of writing this text, there are not any considerations relating to feeding your cat eggs as a deal with or snack occasionally apart from compromising the integrity of your cat’s common food plan. As a common rule, in case you select to complement or feed eggs as a deal with it’s essential to not feed greater than 10% of their common caloric consumption. Feeding small quantities of eggs will be certain that your cat doesn’t miss out on the vitamins they want by getting overfilled with egg.

So pet dad and mom, I’m curious, have you ever ever fed your cats eggs? Did your cat just like the eggs? Let me know within the feedback beneath!

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