Budget-Friendly Destinations to Visit in 2020

Budget-Friendly Destinations into Visit at 2020

Who does not love a deal? Finding a destination that’s both exciting and wallet-friendly is almost always a huge benefit. As we start looking ahead into this new year, it is time to begin dreaming about the extraordinary adventures on their own way.

The planet is an ever-changing location. 2019’s buzzing hotspots is now 2020’s overcrowded tourist areas. That’s why my very first step in preparation travel is definitely to nab the latest tips from locals all over the world.

Getting great deals on transport, meals, and lodging makes such a big difference in how much you can stretch your budget. 

In reality, one of my fave things about life in South Africa is my money goes a lot farther. A luxe hotel in Cape Town having a day in the spa prices a fraction of what I would pay in areas including New York City or San Francisco. Whatever your budget is, cheap destinations supply you with an upgrade at each step.

Ready to kick off the decade with a bang and possibly have a look at a couple of unconventional locales? Here are just ten budget-friendly destinations to visit in 2020.

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is home to a number of the planet’s most highly regarded vineyards and stunning jungle terrain. The exchange rate is likely to make your budget go a whole lot farther in this ultra-diverse location.

I have been calling Cape Town house for the previous 3 decades and if you are like me and make bucks, you can live fairly luxuriously in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world…or research it!

The exchange rate is likely to make your budget go much farther!

One of all the things that I adore about South Africa is that you may have a night out researching swanky areas all over town, then move off on safari the morning after. And that the foodie scene! You can cure yourself to masterpieces from some of the greatest chefs in the world while enjoying local wine (and all for the price you would pay to get a hamburger and fries elsewhere! ) ) .

Wine fans will fall in love at first sight with Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. Actually, they’re amazing locations for anyone who enjoys good food, good drinks, and magnificent scenery. It’s this unpretentious place where anyone can enjoy a fantastic glass of wine without feeling like you must be an aficionado.


Of class, Mexico! ) Anyone residing from the United States understands this is a leading budget-friendly destination. The exchange rate is particularly great right now so that it’s time to live it up south of the boundary.

While Cancun tends to have a good deal of attention, I would strongly suggest exploring wide and far. The whole Mayan Riviera is drop-dead stunning. Even after travel the world over, the shores of Mexico along with also the Caribbean are still among my absolute favorites. ) With ancient historic sites, a rich civilization, and stunning scenery, Mexico is essential at 2020.



One of Europe’s best-kept secrets, Montenegro is directly from a fairytale. This Eastern European nation is a nature enthusiast’s dream. It is the ideal place to lease a vehicle and just research.

Travel at Montenegro is quite much catered to adventure fans and nature lovers.

Grab a kayak, kayak down the river, go bungee jumping, lift the lush countryside, and camp at evening. Every inch of the nation is Instagram-worthy and your jaw will probably be falling at each turn. Of class, that is not to say it is only a spot for the more outdoorsy people amongst us.

This is a fantastic destination for excursions of all sort and, together with the ultra-low prices , you can take advantage of each second.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

I find myself going back into Bali time and time again. It is such a magical escape!

Indonesia’s greatest tropical island, Bali is what a beach butt could ever dream about. Experience a number of the best surfing areas on Earth, learn the art of yoga, celebration together with the backpackers, increase through the legendary rice paddies up to stunning temples…or simply do nothing at all but lie around the shore and see the world pass by.

While costs have increased marginally and not what’s budget-friendly (believe Western cafés or stores open by ex-pats)–there is kind of something for everyone at Bali! )

For you ladies with champagne taste but do not have the budget to fit, Bali is where you need to be! Bali is renowned for its spas and you’re able to live a five star luxe lifetime here for rock bottom rates.


India is practically a rite of passage from the realm of travel. Whether you wish to Eat, Pray, Love your solution to a different lifetime or soak at the intriguing diversity of civilization, India will take your breath away. From that the minute you set foot in the subcontinent, the heady experience of all of the sights and sounds will blow you apart.

India is a huge country and, fortunately, it’s remarkably cheap to get around to view all of it. As an India newbie, you’re going to be overrun by option. The absolute dimensions, both of the populace and landmass, is really far to participate in. Check from the best beginner’s guide to India to assist you to optimize every gorgeous moment.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Another one of the greatest areas in Europe to see is your Hungarian capital. The town of Budapest is the crown jewel of Central Europe. The structure is easily one of the most remarkable in the world and it’s one of the most inexpensive destinations in Europe.

The swanky wine pubs and trendy ruin pubs make it a nightlife lovers’ paradise. During the afternoon, you can unwind in a sidewalk cafe and soak in the pool (simply find one of those less popular places ).

costa rica

Costa Rica

Another Latin American miracle, Costa Rica is filled with countless all-natural wonders. From lush rainforest to perfect beaches, this Central American nation is ripe for exploration. Learn the best way to navigate, bust out your hiking boots, then sip cocktails as you watch the sun set on the horizon.

You can move completely luxe here for incredibly low rates or only do all the fun things such as zip-lining, surf courses, scuba diving, and moving on jungle excursions which could certainly add up in cost quickly once you would like to participate in as much as you can in a brief moment.


Forget concerning the location north of Florida and let us discuss one of the greatest destinations in Eastern Europe. Just between Russia and Turkey, Georgia is one of the most underrated areas on Earth.

Georgia is also a leading destination for wine lovers! You can choose wine tasting, sample five-star cuisine, and remain in luxury hotels for costs which are comparably much reduced to other areas round the world. .

Sapa, Vietnam


Sure, there are lots of nations in Asia which are famed for their cheap road food but, trust me, you’ve not ever had street food till you’ve been around Vietnam. For a dollar, it is possible to walk down the road with a few of the best food that the world has ever seen.

If you can force yourself to place the fork down, Vietnam is breathtakingly lovely. There are numerous chances to learn more about the land and waterways for a memorable experience.

Bogotá, Colombia


Forget everything which you believe you understand about Colombia. This is one of the coolest–and most economical –destinations around Earth. I particularly adore Bogotá, also Medellin is well worth checking out! It has this kind of contemporary and stylish vibe that’s a world away in the older Narcos-design image you might be acquainted with.

Where would you intend on travel in 2020? ) What do you add to the listing? Let me know in the comments below!

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