A Solo Female Travel Guide to Thailand

A Solo Female Travel Guide into Thailand

It’s no imagining why Thailand is still one of the very traveler-friendly nations — that the tourism infrastructure isn’t hard to navigate, it’s economical (but insanely tasty ) foods and contains civilization exploding at the seams. This makes Thailand a fantastic nation to begin your traveling profession — particularly in the event that you would like to be a Solo Female Traveler! )

Where into Go


Bangkok might look to be an obvious alternative being Thailand’s capital and biggest city — however Bangkok includes a good deal more to offer than only the least expensive airfare! With unforgettable night markets promoting mouth-watering, cheap food and the town showcasing a few of the planet’s most exquisite Buddhist temples; Bangkok has all of it. Check this out guide to a fantastic lodging for your stay in Bangkok!


If you’re searching for a simple day trip from Bangkok, Ayutthaya is the ideal option. Ayutthaya was the historical capital of Siam and exploding at the seams with older temple ruins. An idyllic way to explore this historical area is by bicycle; leasing one from the local store and move from temple to temple!

Northern Thailand: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Pai

Check from the enormous Sunday Night Market at the middle of Chiang Mai’s old city, take a look at the magnificent and enigmatic White Temple of all Chiang Rai, and delight in the hippie village of Pai (at August particularly — there is a daily day market in the summertime with amazing food and artisan jewellery )! There have been a lot of actions in Northern Thailand — out of temple jumping to unbelievable hikes, hot springs, and peaks. If you are an animal lover, check out Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai, one of the very reliable Elephant sanctuaries on the planet because of its maintenance of the also commonly exploited creature.

Southern Thailand: Island Hopping

Thailand’s iconic beaches in its southern area are tourist-laden for a motive; you could reserve a room in a magnificent beach hotel on a dime and require a while to unwind and rejuvenate. Yoga retreats are a fantastic choice to cultivate some much-needed mindfulness when travel begins to feel feverish, and Southern Thailand’s numerous islands and shore towns provide a great deal of alternatives.


A state in Southern Thailand worth a particular mention — Krabi. An excursion to Krabi is essential on any trip to Thailand, rather than just for its idyllic scenery. Kayak round the Phi-Phi islands, snorkel on Koh Lanta, or simply like a day at the shore. The intriguing and distinctive geological makeup of the state makes for serene and stunning views where you look.

Packing List

Refer for this packing list to get a cohesive manual for any excursion, but on a visit to Thailand, below are some things you’ll particularly wish to bring together;

  • Rain equipment — that the monsoon period in Thailand is no joke, and you will want to come ready for the hefty flash clogs that may occur any season.
  • Sunscreen — in many Asian nations, however Thailand particularly, many sunscreens you’ll find at shops have a whitening agent for body or face whitening, which can be great to stay away from.
  • Sarong/Lightweight Harem Pants — you’ll get these readily in Thailand, but be sure to have one — for several temples, they will not allow you in if you’re showing too much skin. Having a mild clothing option that may keep your wrists and shoulders completely coated is really helpful once you’re on the move.
  • Bug spray — lions, mosquitoes, and flies will eat you living in Thailand, and you are going to want to keep protected.
  • Water sneakers and walking shoes — I urge Tevas or Chacos, in addition to a good pair of dependable and broken in walking sneakers — you will be performing a lot of walking Thailand.

Helpful Tips

  1. Take advantage of seven -11. 7-11 is anyplace, and functions as a helpful go-to for the majority of your requirements. Tampons, toiletries, chargers, even a sim card7-11 is a feminine traveler’s dream deal store in Thailand.
  2. Don’t cover more than 60 Baht for Pad Thai — you could always find it for less.
  3. When you draw cash, take out a good deal at some time — most of ATMs charge a 200-220 Baht fee, which will be approximately $6. This can really add up.
  4. Bring copies of your travel insurance, passport, etc. ), and an Excess debit card
  5. Only utilize ATMs which are of authorized banks
  6. Don’t get dropped in a Thai woods — hiking Thailand is amazing, but find a friend to go for.
  7. On that notice — create a few friends! There are a lot of solo travelers in Thailand, and they are simple to match — that the backpacker hostel scene is poppin’ in areas like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pai.
  8. Eat greater than simply Pad Thai — There is so much excellent food in Thailand — attempt something different than you’d find in your average Thai restaurant in home. Khao Soi is a Northern Thai delicacy of curry noodles topped with fried noodles — which you can not often find anyplace else.

I hope this motivates you to get out there and Start that the Adventure! ) Thailand is an amazing country, and also a fantastic destination for novice and seasoned travelers alike, while it’s your very first solo trip or you are a normal lone nomad. Check these out Thailand food guides and here, and also a few Northern Thailand action recommendations here for much more Thailand inspo that will make you need to get out there ASAP! )

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