3 Ways I Motivate Myself to Work Harder

3 Ways I Motivate Myself to Work Harder

I know a lot of the time it’s necessary to look at the external motivators in our lives. They represent a basis for how hard we aim to work and I’m most definitely no stranger to working for my wage. From retail, to internships, to lecturing – they were all steps I took to pay my rent, to keep the fridge stocked and to be able to save up for those extra wants outside of my basic needs. Living comfortably has always been high on my agenda but I know the translation of that term is different for every person, couple, family and situation.

The older I’ve gotten the more my motivators have aged with me and that’s most reflected in living comfortably. My personal ability to do just that while getting on the property ladder is something I’m incredibly proud of at this age, but it’s something I also struggle with. Although it means I’m able to share that milestone with those most important to me, I constantly find myself apologising for so much when it comes to being financially stable. My personal motivators are primarily intrinsic, in the way that they represent my values and now that I’m married – our personal values. The opportunity to pay wages, to treat those closest to me and to give a portion of my earnings every month to allow others the tools they need to work hard, is something I will never take for granted and will continually cherish. The outcome and pathways may have changed over the years, far beyond what I dreamed they could be, but my core motivations have remained the same. 

Sara Lassiter

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